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LUKX - your address for the best contact lenses

Wearing contact lenses requires discipline. Firstly to maintain them well and secondly to have them checked and replaced regularly, preferably every six months, professionally. LUKX in Haarlem specializes in all types of contact lenses including; multifocal lenses, contact lenses for children and ortho-k lenses. LUKX is independent and sells the brands that suit your eyes best.

Do standard lenses not deliver the desired result? Then we also offer you the opportunity to try custom lenses. These contact lenses are fitted with a so-called corneal topographer. This specialist device measures the eye on thousands of points and so we can order perfectly fitting contact lenses for you with the highest form of comfort.


We advise you to have your eyes checked at least annually in combination with the contact lenses. Never use water for inserting and rinsing your contact lenses. Do you regularly suffer from dry, irritated eyes? Come and visit the store for advice.