Joost Swarte designs two new glasses for LUKX.

Artist and designer Joost Swarte, in collaboration with LUKX Optiekspecialisten, has created two new glasses. This serves as a tribute to the 10th anniversary of his first iconic "Quotation Marks" frame. The new models, named "Quotation Marks 2" and "Quotation Marks 3," maintain the familiar fit and are available as regular eyeglasses and sunglasses in three colors. Each frame is limited to 100 pieces, numbered, and the first 200 buyers will receive a screen print by Joost Swarte and a handmade case from PUC. Keep an eye on LUKX's website and social media for more information about the upcoming launch. You can pre-order at the bottom of this page.



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"I wanted to design a literary pair of glasses. Seeing clearly is important, but can there exist a pair of glasses that ignites the imagination?


Our alphabet consists of 26 letters and a multitude of punctuation marks, including quotation marks. When a text is enclosed in quotation marks, we read a quote: a text that comes from another source. On my glasses, I've placed the quotation marks on the left and right next to the lenses. This suggests that what we see might be a quote from someone else. It invites the wearer of the glasses to view what he or she sees with different eyes.


Quotation marks can indicate something else as well: the word that is placed between them should not be taken literally. When a glasses wearer puts on this pair and knows that the quotation marks are positioned on the left and right of the lenses, he or she can perceive it as an invitation to view the world with irony.


My crisply designed pair of glasses is named: Quotation Marks. It's not just about the form, but explicitly about the content."


Joost Swarte